About us:

Zagros Sarmaye Tabriz Company is active in the field of producing commercial refrigerator and freezers. The company began its activity with production of industrial and commercial refrigerator and freezers in 1985 branded as Electro Alp. Considering market demand and company’s development, home refrigerators were added to the company’s production list since 2005. Now after 23 years of activity, the company managers following investigation of opportunities and needs of the market have decided to restore and equip the production line for producing new generation of commercial freezers and refrigerators. New products of the company are presented to the market since 2008 with Polaris brand. 13000 square meters of production space and annual production potential of 62000 pieces of commercial refrigerators and freezers   have provided appropriate potential for wide activities of the company.

Zagros Sarmaye Tabriz Co. during its activity in the field of commercial refrigerators and freezers has been able to cooperate with companies such as Etminan Azar Gol, Khoshgovar (Coca Cola), Zarrin Ghazal Daiti, Ramak Ice Cream, Gizil Su Company of Azerbaijan, Sefre Company of Iraq, Doosti Ice Cream, Super Cola Company of Afghanistan, Shirin Asal, Tornado Ice Cream, Rena Company of Armenia, B.A. company, Domino Ice Cream, Alis company of Mashhad, … 


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 Considering competitive market, following advantages and potentials can be considered as the main reasons of choosing Zagros Sarmaye Tabriz Co. as a reliable business partner:

-13000 square meters of production units space
- About four decades of activity in the field of producing different types of refrigerators and freezers
-Using high quality raw materials including German and Korean insulators and European compressors 
-Providing appropriate guarantee and after sales services inside and outside the country 
-Using copper tubes for employment of maximum efficiency of compressor and preventing decay of operator and anti-condensers and consequently bringing  long lifetime for the products 
-Higher production capacity and timely delivery of the orders based on customized ordering system

سازمان یار• متن و تصویر
سازمان یار• تصویر و متن
  • History:

Zagros Sarmaye Tabriz Co. was firstly founded in 1985. Initial products of the company were refrigerator, industrial and commercial freezers and it is about 34 years that the company products are used by honorable customers. In 2010, upon suggestion of R&D unit of the company along with need assessment of the market, production of new generation of commercial freezers and refrigerators was considered in the company’s agenda. In line with achievement of this decision, the company took necessary steps for promotion of machineries and technical knowledge.


Design and Engineering 

Relying on its engineers and technical team’s capability and knowledge, Zagros Sarmaye Tabriz Co. enjoys capability of implementation and administration of customized projects. After production feasibility and providing executive conditions, these projects are delivered to design and engineering sector. After designing and producing initial samples, design and engineering sector solves probable difficulties and the final design is delivered to production sector for mass production after evaluation and confirmation of customer. 

Technical machineries 

Machineries promotion and improvement of production process in 2014 enabled Zagros Sarmaye Tabriz Co. to produce different types of customized refrigerators and commercial freezers. Employment of technical machineries and knowledge of production sector colleagues provide the conditions to produce different types of products at shortest period of time with acceptable quality. 

Social responsibility:

Zagros Sarmaye Tabriz Co. considers itself as one member of large family of the country. The company tries to fulfill its social responsibilities in the field of following duties in the best manner. 


Zagros Sarmaye Tabriz Co. in all of its production stages tries to prevent any damage to the environment. One of the main steps in this regard is using nature friendly new generation of cooling gases including R600 and R404.

Decreased Energy Consumption

Considering energy crisis in the country, the company tries to supply products with minimum energy consumption to the market using modern production facilities. To achieve this goal, the company uses European low consumption compressors, injective isolators made in South Korea and  Germany ( to decrease heat exchange with the environment ) copper tubes ( to improve the environmental cooling of the refrigerators and freezers) and LOW-E glasses made in Belgium ( to keep temperature inside the freezer). 

Recruiting local forces:

In line with improvement of job opportunities and promoting life condition of residents of the area, Zagros Sarmaye Tabriz Co. has employed 80% of man power from the areas close to the factory.

سازمان یار• متن و تصویر