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Upright cassette Coolers 

It is used to keep all kinds of beverage  in markets , chain stores and coffee shops .It`s state-of-art technology  facilitates repairing  cooling unit. 

Upright coolers 

It is used to keep all kinds of beverage  in markets , chain stores and coffee shops  

Chest freezers

It is used to keep frigid foods and ice cream in markets , chain stores and coffee shops  

Upright Freezers

It is used to keep all kinds of beverage  in markets , chainstores and coffee shops 

Ice cream Showcases

Excellent presentation of Ice cream Varieties  and easily removable Ice cream Bowls

Low Energy Consumption , Environment friendly ,  ISO 9001:2015 , Low Investment and Operating Costs ,Convenient Capacity      

Zagros Sarmaye Tabriz Company is active in the field of producing commercial refrigerator and freezers. The company began its activity with production of industrial and commercial refrigerator and freezers in 1985 branded as Electro Alp. Considering market demand and company’s development, home refrigerators were added to the company’s production list since 2005. Now after 23 years of activity, the company managers following investigation of opportunities and needs of the market have decided to restore and equip the production line for producing new generation of commercial freezers and refrigerators.

 Polaris New Products 

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Our Background

About four decades of activity in the field of producing different types of refrigerators and freezers 

World Wide After Sale Service                        

Providing appropriate guarantee and after sales services inside and outside the country 

Meeting  The Needs Of  Customers                     

Applying high quality, modern, life-long shop equipment to improve product quality, attract customers and ultimately benefit you

Creativity and Innovation 

Identifying market needs, bringing all products to the highest possible level in line with world standards, Regarding to  advanced facilities and expert staff

Good support 

One of the longest-running and largest after-sales service providers 

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