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        Increasing the scope of influence in domestic and international markets Developing the scope of products with the cooperation of foreign partners Identifying production bottlenecks and trying to solve the problems ahead Increase foreign exchange earnings and international relations Mechanize communication with suppliers After sales, maximum use of resources and equipment, more presence in regional exhibitions

          سازمان یار• متن و تصویر
        سازمان یار• تصویر و متن


        The executive and managerial views of Zagros Sarmayeh Tabriz Company are based on the institutionalization of the following items.  

        • Improving and upgrading the unit structure  of research and development

        • increasing the levels of customer satisfaction and trade union units by improving product performance

        • update and upgrade products at the right level for export to Europe

        • Attract efficient and specialized personnel and improve human resource management 

        • increase the use of office automation and reduce the use of paper

        • Promoting brand awareness and Polaris brand

        The internal structure of Zagros Sarm Tabriz Company has 3 main parts:

        production unit:
        Production unit consists of cutting unit, metalworking unit, insulation unit, assembly unit and testing and quality control unit, and packaging unit. The metalworking unit is responsible for bending and manufacturing the body of the products. The insulation unit performs the foam injection and performance testing steps. Any appearance and functional defects of the insulation will be eliminated at this stage. The assembly unit adds motors and other accessories to refrigerators and freezers. After this stage, the manufactured products enter the testing and quality control unit. All products are tested in a special room for 24 hours and any defective products are removed from the supply and sale cycle.
        Financial Unit:
        The accounting unit is a subset of the financial manager. This unit is responsible for checking the input of equipment, raw materials and also confirming the financial status of the contracts. This unit is trying to reduce the cost of products by analyzing and improving the financial performance and efficiency of the units.
        The sales staff of the company are in fact the friends of their customers and always try to meet the needs of customers with their advice and offer the best choice and product for their customers. Since criticism is a sign of lack of awareness and signs To request more information. The sales team is ready to hear criticism and provide more information and solve customer problems and dissatisfaction. We believe that criticism is free quality control of a collection and we welcome criticism.The company's sales force sees business as banking, which must maximize its savings before it can make a withdrawal. 
        So we always try to tell the truth - accept the real flaws and fix them - to commitments and promises. Do it ourselves - maintain our quality and respect our customers.
        سازمان یار• متن و تصویر