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Cleaning the refrigerator

Cleaning the refrigerator
Step 1: Clean inside the refrigerator / freezer
1. First, remove all the ingredients from the refrigerator
Note: Make sure that the ambient temperature is very hot and does not spoil the food outside the refrigerator.
2. Remove shelves, drawers or other removable parts from the refrigerator.
Note: If you want to clean the refrigerator quickly, you do not have to remove all the shelves. But taking them out is necessary to clean the refrigerator completely.
3. Wash shelves, drawers and other surfaces with a soft sponge and suitable dishwashing liquid. Dry the items well after washing with a soft cloth.
Note: Do not wash cold glass shelves with hot water. A sudden change in temperature can break the glass. You can use cold water or let the shelf temperature reach room temperature before washing.
4. Clean the walls inside the refrigerator with a suitable cleaning solution. Wipe off any large or old stains with a cloth or sponge.
Clean the walls inside the refrigerator with a suitable cleaning solution. Wipe off any large or old stains with a cloth or sponge.
Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 glass of warm water
Mix 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and 3 cups of warm water
Note: To remove very hard stains, use white toothpaste and apply toothpaste on it with a sponge. Toothpaste acts as an excellent cleanser and will smell good when the refrigerator is turned on.
5. Make sure the inside of the refrigerator door is well cleaned. If your refrigerator door has a shelf space and you use it a lot, clean it with a chemical cleaner or a household solution.
6. Before placing shelves, drawers and other items in the refrigerator, dry them with a good towel and make sure that the inside walls of the refrigerator are dry and clean.

Step 2: Clean the outside of the refrigerator
Thoroughly wash all exterior surfaces of the refrigerator, including front, back, around and above.
Pull the refrigerator forward so that all sides can be cleaned. Clean all exterior surfaces with a towel and all-purpose cleaning solution.
Step 3: Clean the cooling network behind the refrigerator (coil) and air conditioning fan
If the refrigerator coils are covered with dust, hair and mass, the heat will not escape properly and will cause the refrigerator compressor to be pressurized to cool the refrigerator. The refrigerator cooler should be cleaned every six months to maintain its optimum condition.
1- Unplug the refrigerator.
2- Using a soft brush, gently remove dust and hair from the cooler. Be very careful not to damage it.
3- Wet a soft cloth and clean the dust from the ventilation fan.
4- Clean the back of the fan and coil and all the cooling parts of the refrigerator with a cloth and be careful that no part is wet or damp.

5- Connect the refrigerator to the power supply and put the appliance back in place.

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