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Liter 28 Camping & caravan fridge - Model 3046

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Travel refrigerator is one of the main necessary tools needed in travel. You can use the equipment in family trips or camping. You can keep your frozen perishable foods in such freezers during long travels and make sure of your food health. Drinkables and water are other necessities of the travel. Keeping them inside such freezer refrigerators you can drink them cool anytime you desired. These refrigerators temperature can be adjusted as you wish. Power supply of them can be 12 volt battery of the cars or 24 volt batteries of heavy trucks or even 220 volt of home electricity. These refrigerators are spacious and you can choose your desired size based on number of travel days and number of companions. 

49*64*30Externa Dimensions (cm)
16Net Weight (Kg)
28Volume (L)
Tropical C 18-43
Tempreture Range C
 2.5-5 Amper
Current Drawn
12-24 Volt DC
R134a-0.05 Kg
Gas Type